900x600x25mm Etched finish Calibrated


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    Gives a natural grip

    We sell this limestone tile for external use… look no further to buy the best quality guaranteed in the uk market

    Limestone tiles like these are a bargain and will last .. unlike the sandstones, these can be sealed and last for hundreds of years in their elegant look.

    The tiles must be slurried before laying on the back to prevent chemical reactions with the common  sand and cement base… you do not need 30mm tiles if this is done and 20mm tiles must be tiled on a screeded fortified bed with either foundations or mesh beam surround. (basically as if they are indoors)

    The biggest error is not sealing the tiles. Water can penetrate and when it freezes it can expand and make the tiles pop. We only recommend Dry Treat products.

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    Additional information

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