What are outdoor porcelain tiles and how do they differ from regular Stone tiles?

Porcelain Tiles Vs Stone Tiles

Porcelain is a man-made clay mixture with a glazed surface that is kilned a high temperature to create a hard material, usually with a R9 grip (making it anti-slip, unless there is ice or oils on the surface) There are many qualities of external and internal porcelain, and we only work high quality porcelains.

Stone tiles also come in various types, like sandstone, limestone, slate, granite etc for external use with various finishes on the surface, the most usual for longevity are high quality limestones, such as our Dijon, Heritage, Jaipur, Olive, Jericho and Pilgrim.

Porcelain tiles like limestone tiles are used on patios, swimming pools and terraces in the UK, most porcelains are straight cut finish and stone effect porcelains are very sought after.

Most people Buy Limestone tiles for a Traditional or older property and a lot of people buy porcelain tiles for a modern look property. Outdoor porcelain tiles are suitable anywhere outside on the garden but not on driveways and are usually easier to maintain than limestone, although limestone usually weathers nicely.

Our Limestone can withstand the British weather, but we recommend sealing the surface to avoid water penetrating the stone and for easier maintenance, (if water penetrates the stone and freezes it can cause popping on the surface), also slurring the back with an SBR when they are fitted/laid to avoid the cement reacting with ore in the limestone.

Porcelain must be slurred on the back when fitted as porcelain does not absorb easily, some people choose to seal it for easier maintenance.

The best way to choose a porcelain or a limestone is to evaluate expectance of the material, if you want a homely traditional look most people but a tumbled or etched limestone, if you want a modern look then look at porcelain. Limestone will normally increase the value of a property as opposed to porcelain. They can both be used inside and out, and they both come in thicker for external use.

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